When All Hopes Are Gone…

That moment when your world is sinking before you….

That moment when your breath is seezing because the air around you is escaping.

That instant when all hopes are gone and life is becoming meaningless and miserable…..

All you wish for is to give up!

But, suddenly a thought of trying harder suddenly came up to you, because at least you got one reason to stay deep in you!!!


Sometimes That Are Always In Love

Sometimes not all things one need can be expressed in words, somethings might be so valuable that words cannot dare to express how to feel when having them.

Sometimes even death itself doesn’t hurt like knowing you can’t help but keep hoping to have them.

Sometimes you feel loosing them is like kissing goodbye to all happiness and joy.

Sometimes you feel like having them is like a new sun decent to your dream world eclipsed with doom of sorrow.

Sometimes you feel even death itself cannot part your ways.

Sometimes you feel the bond between you can never break.


Sometimes you feel like clunging and never ever let go!!!


Hi guys, Thanks for reading this!

Well, the reason I’m writing this post is to appreciate being nominated for “the cramn award”, though it was long since when i had been nominated, I would like to use this chance I have to show lots of gratitude. I really appreciate having this award because it is my first award as a blogger and it also shows how people appreciate my hard-work. I’m really thankful for this!!!.

Before I start, I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all my fans, my lovers, my likes, my admirers, my followers, my supporters, my nominees and also the owner of the cramn for all their support. I really love you all with a capital L.


As it was dictated, I’m to follow some certain rules in writing a post on this which are as follows:


1- Include a bit about the creator of this award with a link and mention your nominee.


Well, am so sorry about this because I didn’t know the actual owner of this award, xxoo!…I even checked the site of my nominee but I didn’t come across something like that, but in case you know her or have an opportunity to visit her, do that please because I bet she is as cool as the award she drew, lol, xxoo!!. But as for my nominee, I know her (amyscha) but unfortunately, I don’t know her link. Too bad, but pls do check her name and visit her every single chance you get. #amyscha, I won’t forget this!, my lots of love!!. And to you guys all!.


2- Share Three things and Three people that motivated you to blog.



I would have chosen not to mention this, but since it is among the rules, I really have no choice, like just xxoo! girrrrl. The biggest thing that motivated me to blog is my excelling talent in literature and art, like how people around me go crazy for my work, pleading me to share my talent with you guys, lol. (sorry if I exaggerated, but anyway that’s how it is, xxoo!!). But I really can’t say its the only thing that motivated me because my high enthusiasm for art work and literature also helped alot and also you guys, I can even say you are the essence!!(thumbs up for the great work, xxoo!). By the way, “xxoo”, shows the love and appreciation I have for you guys, though it entails many other things, but that was the main reason you have lots of them here. #for my XXOO love with capital Xs and Os!!.


I really can’t choose anyone in here because ALL OF YOU MOTIVATED ME. XXOO!!, I really don’t know how to express my gratitude towards that because words are incomparable but xxoo!!…lol!.


2- Share a thing you hope to do that will improve the world.


Well, I will by God grace in time full the world with art and literature so as to make it colourful, beautiful and full of love, because “behind any art work is a beauty full of love and treasures”.




I’m really sorry,m I haven’t being asked any challenge question. You are always free to ask me any if you want and i will try as much as possible to answer it. What you need to do is just post  on my comment, and your answer will be right there in no time!,xxoo as usaual.


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I really like all of you guys, so I nominate all of my followers and as you know, they are many so I can’t metion them but visit them again and again and again till eternity!, and if possible, visit them after that too, lol, XXOO!!.

As for the question, I haven’t figured out one yet but instead, I have a challage gift for you!!. GUESS WHAT!???…A new outstanding NOVEL STORY, your HEART WILL MELT FOR!!. #remember, all for the sake of my XXOO LOVE FOR YOU GUYS.



All should salute to brave warriors of earth:

Great lions,

as strong as iron,

whose might and power is beyond compare,

So strong and powerful that no one could dare.

A strike of thunder,

Is a comparison to their anger.

Burning faster than speed of light,

With might.

All bows to men; warriors of earth.


Beauty Of Girls

Behind any beautiful place is a glowing and glimmering magical galaxy: so beautiful that it could eclipse the shining light of the sun. Its light is blinding white and its twinkle, the brightest ever. So bright and stunning, even fairer than the moon.  Its might is daring; worthy enough for starring. Without it, the world is as dark as grave for all light of love happiness and blessings await for its twinkle to bestow.

Bewitched am I by the enchanted beauty of these galaxies: Girls, the key to all happiness and success.



An upcoming story about a young powerful magician(Irik) destined to rule over the magic world of KHNADRA with the help of his powerful book of light and wisdom(Azora), But how unfortunate: he got cursed by an evil witch obssesed with his parents and decided to carry out her anger on him by tempering with his spirit book(Azora). It will only take carrying out the hardest magic mission in the most dangerous magical forest in only one week, to brake the curse.

The question is; will they be able to carryout such task beyond human confine or is he going to die letting his destiny in vain?!

Lets see in Irik:coming soon on amazon at only two dollars per copy!


“It is the curse of Namuel, you can only save your son’s life by breaking the curse, and to break the curse, you have to open the book of AZORA. You can’t open the book without the key of AUZULLIA which locked in a very dark cave where no human can enter without THE LIGHT OF THUNDRESS. The light is inside the stomach of an old cobra with one thousand heads: each head has the power of one thousand people. NOT ordinary people but great magicians!, so our book declared that no one can kill the cobra without the great weapon of OWTSHA. I don’t know where the weapon is, but it is said to be locked in a magic box called XHANDRA. It can only be opened by answering the hardest magic riddle!…..


You will be able to get your copy soon on amazon. Remember: IT WORTH TWO DOLLARS ONLY, PER COPY!!!!


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My Precious Share

In night of doom, happiness burning in rage of despair:

So dark and hurting that no one had pair.

Heart full of sorrow which all soul must fear

Rolling down in eye is a sadness burning with tear

Words cannot dare to express how much I care


Being left with sorrow in place of my precious share:

With it’s absence, smile is what I had never wear


For, all my happiness it’s it that inspire

With it taken, happiness and my heart can never get near

Surely, without it, life is what I could hardly bare!

A Strike Of Thunder Cannot be clung

How could one dare to touch a snake fang?

Above a mighty pair of two-edged sword tongue

With poisonous venom, so powerful and strong

Alas this is the worst you have done wrong

A piece of whisker is where your fate is hung

beware that a wailing thunder cannot be clung

For its leads to a trap which height is endless long!

Breeze of Grace

Let all freeze to my unfolding praise

Indeed in thy breeze, there is an enormous grace

No doubt without you,  we will have no trace

Mother, you are a star of the greatest phase

All beauty lies to your enchanting face

In every heart, you have a place

For, you are a bright light with might and glace

Alas! this diamond deserves an embrace

All hail to sparkling thunder with quiet pace

I dare not describe your might in such a phrase

but keeping quiet will be more than a disgrace.




Author’s Might.

Indeed an author deserves a hail:

In his every utterance, wisdom prevails,
For him to comment, he need not to  wail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For, just an utterance is enough to hail.

His words are more than one could pay as bail,

He never let criticism to make his face pale,

In every argument, he never will fail.

Alas his words can strike a hooked nail,

His tongue is like a sea where wisdom sail,

Indeed an author is a victory’s trail.