Hi guys, Thanks for reading this!

Well, the reason I’m writing this post is to appreciate being nominated for “the cramn award”, though it was long since when i had been nominated, I would like to use this chance I have to show lots of gratitude. I really appreciate having this award because it is my first award as a blogger and it also shows how people appreciate my hard-work. I’m really thankful for this!!!.

Before I start, I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all my fans, my lovers, my likes, my admirers, my followers, my supporters, my nominees and also the owner of the cramn for all their support. I really love you all with a capital L.


As it was dictated, I’m to follow some certain rules in writing a post on this which are as follows:


1- Include a bit about the creator of this award with a link and mention your nominee.


Well, am so sorry about this because I didn’t know the actual owner of this award, xxoo!…I even checked the site of my nominee but I didn’t come across something like that, but in case you know her or have an opportunity to visit her, do that please because I bet she is as cool as the award she drew, lol, xxoo!!. But as for my nominee, I know her (amyscha) but unfortunately, I don’t know her link. Too bad, but pls do check her name and visit her every single chance you get. #amyscha, I won’t forget this!, my lots of love!!. And to you guys all!.


2- Share Three things and Three people that motivated you to blog.



I would have chosen not to mention this, but since it is among the rules, I really have no choice, like just xxoo! girrrrl. The biggest thing that motivated me to blog is my excelling talent in literature and art, like how people around me go crazy for my work, pleading me to share my talent with you guys, lol. (sorry if I exaggerated, but anyway that’s how it is, xxoo!!). But I really can’t say its the only thing that motivated me because my high enthusiasm for art work and literature also helped alot and also you guys, I can even say you are the essence!!(thumbs up for the great work, xxoo!). By the way, “xxoo”, shows the love and appreciation I have for you guys, though it entails many other things, but that was the main reason you have lots of them here. #for my XXOO love with capital Xs and Os!!.


I really can’t choose anyone in here because ALL OF YOU MOTIVATED ME. XXOO!!, I really don’t know how to express my gratitude towards that because words are incomparable but xxoo!!…lol!.


2- Share a thing you hope to do that will improve the world.


Well, I will by God grace in time full the world with art and literature so as to make it colourful, beautiful and full of love, because “behind any art work is a beauty full of love and treasures”.




I’m really sorry,m I haven’t being asked any challenge question. You are always free to ask me any if you want and i will try as much as possible to answer it. What you need to do is just post  on my comment, and your answer will be right there in no time!,xxoo as usaual.


5- Nominate the bloggers of your choice and give them challenge questions.


I really like all of you guys, so I nominate all of my followers and as you know, they are many so I can’t metion them but visit them again and again and again till eternity!, and if possible, visit them after that too, lol, XXOO!!.

As for the question, I haven’t figured out one yet but instead, I have a challage gift for you!!. GUESS WHAT!???…A new outstanding NOVEL STORY, your HEART WILL MELT FOR!!. #remember, all for the sake of my XXOO LOVE FOR YOU GUYS.



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