Beauty Of Girls

Behind any beautiful place is a glowing and glimmering magical galaxy: so beautiful that it could eclipse the shining light of the sun. Its light is blinding white and its twinkle, the brightest ever. So bright and stunning, even fairer than the moon.  Its might is daring; worthy enough for starring. Without it, the world is as dark as grave for all light of love happiness and blessings await for its twinkle to bestow.

Bewitched am I by the enchanted beauty of these galaxies: Girls, the key to all happiness and success.


25 thoughts on “Beauty Of Girls

      1. Well, to be honest, I’ve also been nominated for the first time so I was also confused. Anyway, giving out blogging awards is just a way to recognize other bloggers and motivate them. When you receive an award, you’re supposed to pass it on to other bloggers you admire. In other words, spread the love 🙂 But it’s not necessary. You can make a post about receiving the award just like I did, or you may chose to ignore it. The choice is entirely yours.

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  1. Really nice!👌
    One thing I’d like to suggest you….you can add a featured photo to your posts which would attract people to read this post and also give an overall idea of the post through the photo.✌

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      1. The choice of pic would depend on the matter of your post. Like this post “beauty of girls” you can use a photo of beautiful girls….you know….go to pinterest to have amazing photos for your upcoming posts. And you’re always welcome dear💗

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