An upcoming story about a young powerful magician(Irik) destined to rule over the magic world of KHNADRA with the help of his powerful book of light and wisdom(Azora), But how unfortunate: he got cursed by an evil witch obssesed with his parents and decided to carry out her anger on him by tempering with his spirit book(Azora). It will only take carrying out the hardest magic mission in the most dangerous magical forest in only one week, to brake the curse.

The question is; will they be able to carryout such task beyond human confine or is he going to die letting his destiny in vain?!

Lets see in Irik:coming soon on amazon at only two dollars per copy!


“It is the curse of Namuel, you can only save your son’s life by breaking the curse, and to break the curse, you have to open the book of AZORA. You can’t open the book without the key of AUZULLIA which locked in a very dark cave where no human can enter without THE LIGHT OF THUNDRESS. The light is inside the stomach of an old cobra with one thousand heads: each head has the power of one thousand people. NOT ordinary people but great magicians!, so our book declared that no one can kill the cobra without the great weapon of OWTSHA. I don’t know where the weapon is, but it is said to be locked in a magic box called XHANDRA. It can only be opened by answering the hardest magic riddle!…..


You will be able to get your copy soon on amazon. Remember: IT WORTH TWO DOLLARS ONLY, PER COPY!!!!


For more information: you can visit me at or at


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