Author’s Might.

Indeed an author deserves a hail:

In his every utterance, wisdom prevails,
For him to comment, he need not to  wail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For, just an utterance is enough to hail.

His words are more than one could pay as bail,

He never let criticism to make his face pale,

In every argument, he never will fail.

Alas his words can strike a hooked nail,

His tongue is like a sea where wisdom sail,

Indeed an author is a victory’s trail.


11 thoughts on “Author’s Might.

  1. Really felt like this piece expressed the power of words – whether written or spoken. Even unsaid musings. We’re all authors in a sense, aren’t we? Contemplating and writing the stories of our lives. I loved it.


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