Mystic Ties

In the lake of happiness and joy: Water is dribbling and jumping over the mysterious place brightened by the gleeful light of crescent hung between diamonds of constellations. A cool breeze of air singing melodiously, colorful leaves of autumn dancing in it’s tune. Birds chirping sweetly like nightingale over the lively flowers surrounded by glimmering butterflies.

 I wonder how powerful and strong such a bond could be, so strong that its powerful light could overcome doom of sorrow: There is a smile in every mile, a soft cotton to dry every cry and a bright crown of a sun to fade every frown.

    We breathe with its breeze, our happiness glow with its joyous flow and our heart beats with its shining beads. To loose it is tragic, to keep it is magic, and to stay with it is tactic. With it, every blessed day is a mystery and the one ahead is a victory. It sprays the perfume of kindness, making our love to stay, so that our dreams won’t go astray. In it, the way to sorrow is narrow and the path of happiness is wide and might. Such lake is no other than friendship, the weapon to fight any hardship.

   Such lake is indeed not fake, but only the ones with fate can take.


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